Thursday, May 5, 2011

ke negara café au lait~ (episode 1)


Dr A: ok, what is the meaning of café au lait? The students should know. Lets us ask them.

Me (us): blurrr.

Dr A: it means kopi susu la.

(now, i wont be forgetting the word anymore; in fact PARIS, I'm in Love :) )

-The heaven of shopaholics' world-

-the people and the shopsSSsss-

- Handbagsss, and its LV !!-

-Waaah, macam istana-

-Ini pulak, utk lelaki yang shopaholic-

- dan lagi-

- kedai ni pon nak melwat? ish3- hehe

- ini macarons ye, bukan macaroni. LOL-

YES! YES! YES! I Love Paris too ;)

We've a tough time deciding between shopping and touring, so we end up doing a tour on a bus (nmpak tak bus kuning tu?) hehe. worth! worth!

(To be continued.....)